Jazz Dance

Jazz dance classes are offered at LSPA for advanced trainee dancers. This extra add-on dance class allows committed dance students to further their dance education and training. Jazz dance has a rich history which is evident as its movements are full of life and expression — and being in Louisiana we have a special tie to this genre! Taking these Lafayette jazz dance classes not only provides dancers with a balanced training, but also many other benefits. Students learn how to respond to the music and to be fluid, creative, and improvisational. It also aides tremendously with balance and teaching how to smoothly transfer weight. Through this style of dance, students will strengthen their feet and ankles as they explore jazz music and movements. With higher energy required, jazz dance is a great way to increase endurance as well. 


60 minutes, once a week


Trainee D + E + F | Monday, 6:15 p.m. – 7:15 p.m.


Enrolled in relevant level of trainee dance class, attend one class per week, follow specific dress code