Adam Trouard


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What do do you enjoy most about working at LSPA?

I enjoy working with the knowledgeable and professional staff. The instructors are all passionate about what they teach, and I love seeing this attitude reflected back by the students.

What experiences and knowledge do you bring to our performing arts school?

I bring 15 years of professional performing experience across several different mediums — piano, voice, choral groups, marching bands, symphonic ensembles, jazz and chamber ensembles, musical theater productions, and sacred music work. All of these different disciplines inform one another, which allows me to bridge several different concepts in practice and performance. I actively participate in several ensembles in the region, which keeps my chops fresh and my ears open!

How have the performing arts impacted your life?

It's safe the say that the performing arts have impacted my life in pretty much every way. What started out as simply enjoying playing in my free time has expanded into being able to support myself through teaching and performance. My understanding of the performing arts has taught me lessons that can be applied to almost every area of my life. It's very hard to imagine what my life would be without their influence.

What piece of advice would you share with our students and families?

My advice would be to follow your passions. LSPA + The Ballet Studio offer a variety of programs that cover several areas of interest — something for everyone! When you choose what programs work best for you, do your best to retain focus and progress. Nothing happens overnight, but the more we put into our learning, the more we are able to receive from it. You'd be surprised how many life lessons can be learned through a performing arts class!

What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I sing with both BREVE (the Baton Rouge Early Vocal Ensemble) and the choir at Our Lady Queen of Angels in Opelousas, and I frequently provide music direction and accompany musical theater productions with several companies in Acadiana. I also produce the "SoundClub Radio Programme" radio show for 88.7 FM KRVS.