Welcome to Lafayette's Newest Performing Arts School

Lafayette School of Performing Arts opened in 2014 as an expansion of The Ballet Studio Lafayette. After founding The Ballet Studio in 1998 to fulfill a need in the Acadiana area and provide a place where dancers of all ages could come to study ballet and other forms of dance, the natural progression was to add in training across all the performing arts! Following the same approach that made The Ballet Studio positively recognized worldwide, LSPA continues the mission of guiding students in an education-based, positive, and encouraging environment. Classes in early childhood, dance, aerial arts, and music meet the highest expectations and teach students at physically and developmentally appropriate levels. We aim to instill an appreciation of the arts in all of our students while enhancing their sense of self-worth and accomplishment.    

LSPA offers early childhood, dance, aerial arts, and music classes in Lafayette for all ages from preschool to adult and for all skill levels from beginners to professionals. Whether you're looking for introductory early-childhood classes, a pre-professional dance program, or simply a creative way to spend your time, we welcome you to our school of performing arts!